Kelly Danger

Front End Software Engineer

Minneapolis, MN

About Me

Holder of a prestigious 4 year degree in waiting tables (also known as a Theatre degree) from an entirely unheard of university in rural Eastern Washington, I am now casting digital witchcraft as a full stack software engineer

I strive for excellence and meaning in my work. I ask questions, seek understanding and growth relentlessly, and care deeply about communication. I not only bring a solid set of technical skills to a project, but an unusual combination of soft skills. My background in theatre means I am uniquely experienced in generating results on a deadline, with myriad stakeholders each bringing a different talent to the project. I get the job done, and I can flash jazz hands while I do it

When not building fun things with code, I can be found climbing things at my favorite bouldering gym, walking places on the Superior Hiking Trail, playing, learning, and growing with my amazing kids, or singing and dancing on stage somewhere in the Twin Cities.

Podcast Appearance

Demo Videos

Solo Capstone - Bubble Hub

Group Client Project - Powderhorn Safety Collective

portfolio of student work

Group Capstone - React

Powderhorn Safety Collective

Solo Capstone - React


Student Project - JQuery

To Do List

Student Project - React

Movie Gallery

Student Project - JQuery


Student Project - React

Photo Gallery

Student Project - JQuery

Guess Who Game

Student Project - DB Designer


Student Project - Pen and Paper

Data Flow Visualization



  • VS Code, Atom, Postico, PostgreSQL, Postman, MacOS, Windows, GitHub, DB Designer, Outlook, Slack, 75wpm typing, 8000+ KPH 10key, Trello, Miro, Zoom, VS Liveshare, Google Suite, Office Suite, UX collaboration, wireframing, ERD design, Snowflake, Looker, Swagger, Teams, Heap, Confluence, Jira, DataDog, PagerDuty
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSX/React, Redux, SQL, Express, NodeJS, git, Jest,APIs, version management, LookML, Typescript, Angular, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Ruby on Rails, Rspec
  • Solution Oriented: able to identify a challenge and address it practically
  • Communicative: highly capable of liaising between technical and non-technical individuals


  • Eastern Washington University (BA Theatre) June 2004
  • Prime Digital Academy (Full Stack Software Engineering Certification) January 2021


Stitch Fix

Software Engineer / Full Stack | March 2022 - Present

  • Bridging the divide between technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring planned work meets the needs of all parties
  • Executing front end engineering tickets on Stitch Fix home pages for feature updates, as well as marketing campaigns
  • Adding and refining features for in-house CMS software, and partnering with marketing partners to rapidly update page content
  • Seeking opportunities to improve agile processes and ceremonies to better meet business needs
  • Leveraging test driven development to produce high quality Typescript, React, and Rails code for multiple customer-facing teams on both the front end and back end
  • Onboarded to multiple teams (due to reorgs), ramping up to production quality code in new-to-me technologies within weeks
  • Rotating as on-call engineer for both FE and BE teams, responding to incidents, troubleshooting, triaging, and executing regular maintenance duties


Software Engineer / Data Analyst | March 2021 - March 2022

  • Collaborated across teams of technical and non-technical stakeholders to produce data visualizations fulfilling internal and external data requests
  • Executed technical solutions to data-requests using SQL, LookML, Looker, Snowflake, VS Code, Jira, Heap and other languages and platforms as needed
  • Actioned internal tickets for front end code updates using Angular
  • Sought opportunities to improve processes to better meet business needs
  • Produced documentation of new and current workflows in Confluence

Prime Digital Academy

Student | August 2020 - January 2021

  • Learned and used programming languages and techniques in a fast-paced high-intensity virtual environment
  • Engaged in study groups, projects, and classroom lecture entirely remotely
  • Navigated multiple programming technologies while engaging in real-time virtual lecture space
  • Implemented newly-acquired skills to produce Minimum Viable Product
  • Researched and tested skills outside of curriculum to achieve desired results

Group Client Project

  • Developed a customized full stack React app for Powderhorn Safety Collective (PSC), a grassroots community-support organization. The app allows community members to submit i ncident reports, view public notices and j oin the PSC’s mailing l ist. PSC volunteers and Admins can update, assign, follow, communicate about, and respond to incidents using the app. Admins can also edit and update i ncidents and user accounts.
  • Used VSCode, Postman, Postico/PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, APIs, DB designer, Node.js, Sweet Alerts, and Bootstrap

Solo Capstone Project

  • Developed a full stack web-app to track and numerically represent an individual’s risk of contracting COVID based on CDC/Department of Health data for simplification of quarantine-bubble contact decision making, allowing users to enter activity and risk tolerance data for sharing with potential bubblemates to better determine COVID-contact-compatibility, based on numerical representation of quantifiable risk-level data
  • Using VSCode, Postman, Postico/PostgreSQL, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, APIs, DB designer

Tasks Unlimited

IT and Purchasing Manager | January 2019 - April 2020

  • Supervised part time IT staff and front desk reception staff, implementing first system of coverage and schedule management, leading to improved attendance and performance
  • Maintained relationship with third party IT vendor, negotiating Managed IT (MIT) contract from 3 years to probationary 1 year term, improving customer service and project management
  • Served as first point of IT troubleshooting contact for staff, liaised with MIT company for staff issues, reducing IT support tickets and redundant work by 25%
  • Disseminated IT policy and procedure updates to all staff, ensuring organization-wide clarity and consistency in computer use
  • Received, tracked, and fulfilled all supply and purchasing requests achieving 30% reduction in supply costs
  • Recorded payments for accounts receivable using Intacct software
  • General office management tasks supply inventory, postage meter/copier maintenance, board room scheduling
  • Developed and implemented first set of IT best practices, policies, and security guidelines improving staff productivity and reducing IT security incidents by 80%
  • Developed new purchasing system organization-wide, consolidating disparate processes and reducing total operating costs by 30%
  • Developed and implemented novel IT on-boarding process and training for new employees

YMCA - Shoreview

Membership Sales Advisor | July 2017 - January 2019

  • Managed dozens of active enrollment files from initial contact to finalization and on-boarding
  • Integrated personal and financial member-data in virtual and hard copy platforms
  • Connected with potential members over the telephone and in person, conducting tours and guiding enrollment
  • Counseled prospects in procuring income-verification documents & issued personalized scholarship quotes
  • Ran and assessed sales and contact reports, & determined self-directed time management to meet goals
  • Coordinated calendars, appointments, and schedules to ensure sales coverage

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Support Specialist (Contract) | June 2007 - December 2009

  • Edited operation manuals for Flight Simulator software and hardware
  • Arranged engineer travel, through branch travel agency then reconciled per diem and expense reports
  • Conducted tours of the simulation facility for visiting engineers/staff